Why Write Editorials?


“Good editorial writing has less to do with winning an argument, since the other side is mostly not listening, than with telling the guys on your side how they ought to sound when they’re arguing.”  – Adam Gopnik 

Hello, I’m Kira, You may remember me as the person who owns a blog called The Notebook on ZEN Otaku Honbu, of which I am a Managing Editor there (I cover the Anime Events beat). I also write a second blog, called The Notebook:Reloaded, and yes, I also have a Tumblr account where I post, and re-blog everything I fancy. I also happen to tweet on Twitter under the handle @knightkira and also does a program Tuesday nights at 10 called “Knightkira Special Patrol” on Radyo Pirata. , which is produced by my production company, Freedom Strike Productions.

And I also happen to be a graduate of Mass Communications at the Lyceum of The Philippines University, a school founded by the former Philippine President Jose P. Laurel.

Now, you might be wondering, Why on earth did I create again a third blog?
Well, it’s easy. I want to Editorialize.

I want to write commentaries, editorials and viewpoints that are solely my views and views alone. This is my space where I can vent all out on all things happening in my world to which I live, be it about Anime, the Media, the Society we live in and Politics. I know, I was going to use my “Reloaded” blog for that, but because I was simply too tardy to write again another update, it just got stuck for months without even writing one. And now, I have created this blog solely for the purpose of writing Editorials, Commentaries and Viewpoints, without any editorial control.

In short: I own all what I am going to write here and I am fully responsible for what am I going to say.
Of course, there will be tirades, criticisms, frustrations and all related things that I always wanted to do. And yes, there will be things like that,. but I always remembered how Don Hewitt competed against NBC in the fifties, doing things that would be the most absurd thing to do, and yes, he went on to become the most successful news producer of his time. He was highly competitive, he almost instructed Dan Rather to sock the jaw of Abraham Zapruder to get the controversial film which he shot and remains to be the only moving evidence of JFK’s assassination (Zapruder didn’t get socked by Rather, Hewitt called and said that he should not do that, and Zapruder sold the film for $600,000 to Life Magazine).

That’s how I compete, and that’s how I get angry when  the competition gets the job first than ours.
Today, people tend to become journalists because in this age, there are outlets, like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and any other means. Practically everyone can be a journalist. But I always tend to be more traditionalist, meaning to say that if I would like to be a journalist, I had to train and learn the tips and tricks and everything, and it includes writing better leads, composing arresting headlines, and learning the ethics and values of mass media, things I always follow on my heart.

I admit that anyone can be a journalist, even non-journos can even become one in a flick of a switch. But not everyone can write classy editorials, and that’s what I’m out to do.

I admit that everyone can now write leads in their stories just to look like a report.  But not everyone can write leads as classy as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the top journalistic guns in this world, and I myself can heave a sigh of relief because no one has yet to be like them.
So, I still have to answer that question on my title: Why Write Editorials?

My answer to that: It’s because it’s the most rational thing to do in this age.
My Editorials will come out maybe two times per week, or I will try to make it as more frequent as possible, but sometimes there are writer’s blocks that comes along the way, so do forgive me.

And yes, all my editorials (i.e., Everything I write in this blog, knightkiraeditorials.wordpress.com) do not reflect the position of ZEN Otaku Honbu and its editorial team, Radyo Pirata and its management, and  my current employers. They do, however, reflect the opinions and the stand of Freedom Strike Productions and its management.

And that’s the way it is, Headin’ Out!

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