The Essence of Being A Writer and a Journalist

Writers are a superstitious bunch when they always write just about…. everything.

I read that Road Dahl has a writing style that is completely his, He only has one choice of pencil and one choice of yellow pad when he writes his famed children’s novels. Yes, he writes his story in long hand and also he painstakingly erases everything that he knows will not fit well to the story. One one instance, one of his books that was 30+ pages long had to go 200+ of papers just thrown away!

I also heard of some other writers having their own superstitious beliefs when they write, or they type. I also happen to be on that bunch too, I write using a long ruled yellow pad, of certain quality, and I also write using black ink. My creative juices also go in the wee hours of the night, which is not unusual for some writers as well. That’s why during my college years, whenever I have the chance. I write my novels and try to immerse myself. Sometimes, when inspiration is there, I go two-three pages, but when the well is dry, I write sometimes half a page long.

But I always think myself first as a writer, second as a journalist. I write because I really want to speak on what I believe in, I write because there are so many things that come into my head and I needed a medium to let it all out. I write because, hey, I love to write.

I write novels, and yes, my first ever novel was written 9 years ago, during the time I was still in high school. I also write short stories and also some fiction features that would tickle the imagination of teenagers. The topics of all my stories center around on two main themes: Extreme sports and Friendship. That is one thing I want to share it to you, my never-ending passion to write about how teenagers become scuba divers, or skydivers, or ice-divers. They are in the age where they are not scared of exploring the world beneath them, and for me, these extreme sports personify these traits of teenagers. When they are in deep trouble with themselves, they count on their friends to be there and to help each other while at the same time they explore about themselves. That for me, is how I want to tell you as a writer.

Would you believe that during my elementary school days, I hated to write? Yes, I hated to write because I always grow tired of writing long sentences and phrases. My teachers noticed it, and my mom quickly intervened, She enrolled me to a “Writing workshop” which will eventually “cure” that trait. Little did I know that workshop was a Journalism workshop, and things started from there, for me as a Journalist.


I was a campus journalist all throughout, from elementary, to high school, all the way to college. I am proud to be a part of the greatest teams who chronicled history, and that was the reason why I chose to stick to this career path, with so much interest. I felt more inspired to be on the heels of history, reporting and telling you what is happening. I will write about the event in the most objective way possible.

And now, I apply what I have learned to ZEN Otaku Honbu, itself an institution in anime journalism. I know that doing this job that we grew to love has its own sacrifices. Before, I used to go into events with my friends, and just hanging around. Now, I sacrifice my time and my effort to know more about the event, Interview people and write the story in as little as 12 hours after I go home or we get scooped by some “bloggers” and “writers” who act as “journos”.  To tell you the truth, it hurts to me to be outscooped, more so that in this age of social media, blogging and the internet, anyone can become a journalist and become a writer. To me, nothing beats good old inquisitorial journalism and hard nosed reporting. People will try to emulate you, and that’s good, but when they become copycats, or more, they became too much over their head over a few likes on Facebook, or retweets on Twitter, or even being discussed on their own blog, that, my folks, is a different story (and a different editorial to boot)


Writers are here because they have a job to do, They have the job to tell you what they think of their world. Journalists have a job to do as well, and that is to tell you what is happening in this world. And I am proud to be both, to tell you about my world and what’s happening in this world.


And that’s the way it is, Headin’ Out! 

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