Deaf Ears

So, ABS-CBN has just brought back “Princess Sarah” to its morning lineup as a replacement for the ageing rerun of Kuroko’s Basketball season 2, while Marcelino Pan y Vino  has also replaced Naruto Shippuuden on its timeslot as well. Spongebob is still there at the 9 AM slot.

And that is how you destroy a morning slot.

Picture this, You had the momentum already. You gambled on Kuroko’s Basketball, possibly the biggest basketball anime franchise since Slam Dunk. The Anime, when it was aired on Channel 2, broke into the Daily Top 20 in 2013 and posted the highest network ratings for an anime since…. Naruto. And then, after claiming Season 2 just months–take note, MONTHS–after its Japanese airing. Here you are, ruining your momentum and, much worse, replacing it with a title just because YOU GAVE IN TO A SOCIAL MEDIA MEME? 



I have been frustrated, yes, frustrated, because you had the guts to buy the biggest anime titles that has been shown. You could have replaced Kuroko with something more stronger than what GMA is airing right now on the same fricking time slot!

There are SO MANY OTHER TITLES that are available to be shown on Free To Air TV. And yet, you still chose that potato whore (yes, I stress that) over stellar latest hits? Come on, are you simply saying you’re giving up?

And I hate the way you’re putting Anime behind your priorities, just because it is not summer season and the “kids” that you are programming are in school. Look at your latest Korean stupidnovela, “Faith”, being given the ABS-CBNmobile treatment, while the latest anime titles are not even available for streaming or catch up on the iWanTV OTT service (and, with that, over ABS-CBNmobile). Hell even Hero TV is not available on iWanTV even for Authenticated SkyCable Subscribers!


And they will reason out:  It is simply not feasible . 

Hell, you can make Rape scenes out of your stupid Telenovelas and pay young actors to bait to your executives, but you can’t even pay decent dollar to give Anime viewers what they dream of? And what titles are available on your iWanTV Service? SPONGEBOB?


That’s the most ludicrous thing I have ever seen.


This is not fair ABS-CBN. This is not fair. You have been pioneering so many things, hell Hero TV is going to it’s tenth anniversary next year, and it was the brainchild of your CHAIRMAN himself, Gabby Lopez. But your actions for the past year has been somewhat questionable. Questionable to the point of being questioned by everyone.

There is a time that Anime is going to hit it big again, and ABS-CBN is primed to be in that position, but with the actions the ABS-CBN management is doing, One can wonder how the network built by its esteemed Kapitan, Eugenio Lopez Jr. can survive by being ambivalent towards anime, even just for Hero TV and even Yey, it’s digital subchannel on Digital Free TV (which needs a total overhaul because it will be dead in the water once GMA thinks about that underserved Anime audience)


ABS-CBN, headed by its President Charo Santos Concio, Broadcast head Cory Valenzuela-Vidanes, Convergence head Carlo Katigbak, Narrowcast head Antonio “March” Ventosa, Integrated Acquisitions head Evelyn Raymundo and ABS-CBN Acquisitions Manager Rachel Simon, should realize by now the magnitude and the scale of Anime events of the country, and use it as a springboard to serve that audience with the best anime titles that are handpicked and vetted, not just by simply riding in the social media wave.

The company should also expand into Online and OTT Content, by partnering with a licensor who can give the best deal towards providing content over linear TV (free to air, cable and satellite), internet and mobile devices. That way, ABS-CBN’s channels, DWWX Channel 2, Sports+Action, Hero TV and Yey, plus the power of iWanTV, will be able to get to the anime audience that even GMA cannot match..

And, you will get a brand new marketing segment for your ABS-CBNmobile service. I tell you.


And lastly, Scheduling, Scheduling is the most important thing for ABS-CBN’s anime titles to be effective. They are THIRTY MINUTE TITLES, for christ sakes. They have a Running time of 24 minutes sans commercials. What in the world are you thinking doing 25 minute shows? Come on, Can’t you schedule from 9:00 am to 10:30 AM? Or is it because you’re afraid to get into the wrath of the Presidential Lukaret, Krissy Aquino, because of her supposedly “untouchable” 7:30-9:00 am Morning show.

If I were an ABS-CBN Network executive, I will Cancel KrisTV. NO IFS NO BUTS. 


But then, I know ABS-CBN won’t simply listen to my suggestions. I am just a regular viewer who has no right to meddle in the programming decisions of their top executives or their top fanbases. They will only listen to Teleserye fags. Koreanovela fags. or Kris Aquino’s tantrums.

They will never listen. as they have always been for the past years, And these suggestions will fall again into deaf ears.


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