The Impetus of This Blog


Impetus –   a driving force (From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary)


So what is the Impetus of this Blog? What is the driving force behind this blog?

Basically, I always wanted to speak up about everything, about anime, politics and media. Though I have a spare blog, I think it’s more better to create a new blog which will be different from the other blogs that I have. This will only be driven with editorials, commentaries and viewpoints. All that I wanted to write, without fear.

Opinionated but with a sense of  responsibility, this commentary blog will be simply just about what I think on the passing moment. As Bob Schieffer says in his book “This Just In”.

It’s all well and good to be objective in reporting the news, but we shouldn’t use that as an excuse to take a pass on what we believe, or at least to understand the arguments on both sides which for me is the great benefit of writing commentary (Schieffer, 2003, p. 339)


Of course, most of the blogs that I will write will concern about Anime, Anime journalism, and Anime Events. From time to time, I will be discussing political, social and issues that concerns our media as well.


I hope you enjoy and at the same time respect what will I write in this blog. I also hope that my commentaries and editorials would also help you in making decisions towards your views. I am just a small voice in this world, either you believe me or you don’t, but this is my views, and my views matter.


Headin’ Out!


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