Hello, You can call me Kira, I am a twenty-something lad who aims to become a successful Television Producer and Executive.

But More than that, I am a journalist, plain and simple. My beat is Anime, specifically events. I get to interview people, network execs, cosplayers, organizers. I get to be on events, but with the responsibility of reporting the biggest events to our audience, Anime fan or not.

I am currently the Managing Editor for Events and Features for ZEN Otaku Honbu, a Philippine-based Anime News Website where I do my reporting and writing straight news stories about anime and anime events, I also do long-form features.

I also contribute to Radyo Pirata, an Anisong and Talk station for everything Japanese Culture in the country. Together with my Production company. Freedom Strike Productions. I host, executive produce, and write Knightkira Special Patrol, a weekly Music and Commentary program every Tuesday Nights at 10PM

I own Freedom Strike Productions, A Multimedia production company which specializes in Audio production, Video Production, Consultancy and other media services. I still am in the process of fixing FSP’s portfolio and the services of which it will offer, but its first Official product is Knightkira Special Patrol. This blog, alongside The Notebook, the Tumblr blog  and The Notebook: Reloaded is under Freedom Strike Blogs. a division of FSP.

I finished with a degree of Mass Communications with specialization in Broadcasting at the Lyceum of the Philippines University.

I’m active on Social Media as well, on Twitter and Instagram, my Facebook is private for friends, relatives and close acquaintances only.

If you want to contact me, please do use this form.


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