2013 Year In Review: Big Things Come in Droves


We are hopeful that 2014 will not only be a great, but also a banner year for anime events in the country (FreedomStrike Group photo)

2013 may be best remembered for being the most eventful and the most controversial year that I had experienced. Sure we had the Zamboanga Crisis, Napoles and the Pork Barrel Scam, Calamities, Natural (like the Bohol Earthquake and Supertyphoon Yolanda [Haiyan]) and Man-made (the Saga at the Senate featuring Senator Miriam Santiago and Johnny Enrile), Beauties (like Ara Arida. Megan Young and Bea Santiago) and Brainless (the return of Battle of the Brainless on Philippine TV).

We witnessed how Philippine Television has evolved for the past 60 years (and celebrate it with style), then the slew of happenings that happen during Election season (the campaign, the mudslinging, and the Election Coverage innovations and etc). Deaths, from Bella Flores and Pepe Pimentel, Eddie Romero and Danny Zialcita, to Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela and Cory Monteith.  The Affordable Health Care Act (or Obamacare) had a rough time sailing past bipartisan lines, A US government shutdown, A Movie that will enter the annals of film history as the biggest bomb this year (The Lone Ranger). All that happened this year.

On tech, Blackberry almost succumbed, while Apple revamped its OS to a design similar to its fierce rival Android. Windows Phone slowly gained momentum, as opposed to Nokia ending up from top of its game to its devices unit being a part of tech giant Microsoft. “Selfie”, “Regram”, “Foodporn” “OOTD” “QOTD” and other Instagram hashtags became social bywords. Al Jazeera America and Fusion debuted, while the BBC and TV5’s news operations moved to new sites. Brian Griffin was killed off, only to be resurrected after two weeks. Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams made stunning TV Comebacks, as Breaking Bad and Dexter said  goodbyes, alongside a slew of cancelled programs

All of it, made 2013 the most memorable year I have ever witnessed.

And the Philippine Anime Community also shone bright in 2013.

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This weekend will be centered on Greatness

Tomorrow will be the start of the 12th installment of the country’s biggest Toys convention ever, the 12th Philippine Toycon. This event is not just great for being the pioneer, but it is also great for being the primus inter pares of all pop culture events. Everything is going to be great, with the booths, exhibitors and the eventgoers all lining up to buy stuff, to witness cosplayers and to be with their friends.

On Sunday, another great event will happen during the event, and it will be the first ever official World Cosplay Summit final qualifiers to be held here in the Philippines. 20 Cosplayers will slug it out for the right to become our country’s representative to the World Cosplay Summit as an observer. And that is greatness personified.

Our country will now be entering the cosplay stage. These cosplayers have came all the way from provinces as far as Davao and Legazpi, or went to great bounds as those who braved 127 kilometers from Manila to join the Subic Qualifiers. All of them have one dream, to show to the world what Filipino Cosplayers are made of.

Toycon has been the place where some first time anime fans would experience life as a fan. It could probably their first event after being a home, just watching their favorite anime series or following their favorite fandom. I myself had that same kind of experience in 2006, which was my first Toycon outing. Seven years later. I always come back to rekindle that spirit, although always in a different capacity. Before I was just a simple anime fan who wanted to become part of the subculture. Now I am an anime journalist who report on the latest anime news and cover events. I could say that Toycon was the event that helped me evolve through everything. I will never forget Toycon 2007, where I was with the WTF Cosplay Team. I will never also forget Toycon 2009, which challenged my personal life. Toycon never ceases to surprise me, and I could say that I am thankful for this event because it became part of my life.


Again, Greatness will be in store again for Toycon 2013, with Hero Face Off and the World Cosplay Summit Philippines qualifiers. Like any other events, Toycon always writes its own history, and it will write again another great chapter in the history of Philippine Pop Culture.